Privacy Policy

Grupo Mateus provides the website (“WEBSITE”), to provide information to its investors about its corporate governance, results, financial information and other investor relations services, through which the users will be able to read reports, get information and news.

The Mateus Group’s Privacy Policy was created to demonstrate the Company’s commitment to the security and privacy of information collected from users of interactive services made available on our website.

For browsing our website, the user has no need to provide personal information. However, if it is necessary to provide some personal data, this policy seeks to clarify how Grupo Mateus collects and handles its individual information.

The Privacy Policy is subject to eventual changes, whether due to changes resulting from changes in the institutional website and websites associated with it or necessary due to the use of new technologies or current legislation. Therefore, we recommend that the user temporarily check the Privacy Policies, as they are subject to changes and updates without prior notice.

Personal information that is passed on to the Company by users will be collected through ethical and legal means, and may have one or more purposes, about which users will be duly informed.

Users will be informed of what information will be collected before the moment of the collection, leaving the option to choose whether or not to supply this data under the user’s responsibility, who will also be aware of the consequences of their decision.

Likewise, the information which users may have provided will be kept in accordance with strict security and confidentiality standards, unless Grupo Mateus receives legal or judicial determination, user data will not be transferred to third parties or used for purposes other than those for which they were collected.

Access to the information collected is restricted only to employees authorized for the proper use of this information. Employees who misuse this information, in violation of this Privacy Policy, will undergo an internal investigative process and will be subject to the penalties of the disciplinary process of Grupo Mateus.

The Company will keep the information provided by visitors intact.

This website contains links or frames from other sites, which may or may not be partners of the Company and allies. These links and frames are made available with the sole aim of providing another benefit to users. It is worth mentioning that the inclusion of these links and frames does not mean that Grupo Mateus is aware, agrees, or is responsible for them or for their respective contents. Therefore, Grupo Mateus cannot be held responsible for any losses or damages suffered due to the use of the referred links or frames.

Whenever other organizations are hired to provide support services, adaptation to the privacy standards of Grupo Mateus will be required.

All information on the Mateus Group Investor Relations website, such as texts, images, sounds or applications, are protected by copyright according to current legislation, therefore, alterations, modifications, reproductions, transmissions, copies, distributions are not permitted or any other forms of use, including and mainly of the brand without the formal authorization of Grupo Mateus. The reservations refer only to links to websites whose intellectual property does not belong to the Group.

For administrative purposes, the Company may eventually use “cookies” (*), and the user may, at any time, activate mechanisms on their browser to inform when they are activated or to prevent them from being activated.

 Other important information about the terms and conditions of use of this website are available in the Terms of Use.

 (*) Cookie: small file placed on the user computer to track movements within websites