Fiscal Council

The Fiscal Council will not be permanent, it will work exclusively in cases where its installation is requested by request of shareholders, in the cases provided for by law, or by resolution of the General Meeting, as well as having the powers and powers that the law gives it.
The Fiscal Council, when installed, will be composed of at least three, and at most five effective members, and an equal number of alternates, elected by the General Meeting, shareholders or not, resident in the Country, observing the requirements, impediments and other rules established in Brazilian Corporation Law, and will have a unified one-year term, with reelection permitted.
The Fiscal Council does not have its own regulations, the rules of operation and remuneration of the body can be found in the Company’s Bylaws.

Audit Committee

Our audit committee is an advisory committee to the board, created pursuant to our bylaws. The main purpose of our audit committee is to (i) evaluate the hiring and dismissal of independent audit services; (ii) evaluate our quarterly financial information, interim statements and financial statements; (iii) monitor the activities of our internal audit and internal controls area; (iv) evaluate and monitor our risk exposure, and manage those risks under our internal policies; (v) evaluate, monitor, and recommend correction or improvement of our internal policies, and (vi) evaluate financial performance matters with respect to their risk and return aspects. The term of office of all the members of our audit committee is one year.

Name Office Election date End of Mandate
Margil Mourão Gil Nunes Member August 13, 2020 1 year
José Bilegas Member August 13, 2020 1 year
Carlos Henrique Bandeira de Mello Júnior Independent Member August 13, 2020 1 year